A 14-tankers-fleet in service of the City and Port of Venice


The Company is the shipowners of 14 tankers of various sizes and capacities, with which it is able to guarantee the bunkering of fuel oil (both HS and VLS), diesel and lubricants.

In addition to the bunkering of vessels on behalf of the main Italian and worldwide Oil Companies, Petromar carries out the activity of refueling (diesel and gasoline) of gas stations, yards and lagoon fixed sites in general.


The performance of such activities in a specific, unique and delicate context such as Venice, makes Petromar even more responsible and motivated to do so in full respect of the Territory, as well as safeguarding the safety of things or people.

Since 2006, well in advance of the implementation of the European directives on safety in ports, Petromar has built and armed two new tankers with a double hull structure, placing itself at the forefront among companies operating in the bunkering industry.